Percy Edwin Lane’s 132nd Birthday is May 3rd

Lane percy close up_0002_NEW

Percy’s birth resulted in the death of his mother, Annie Andrews in 1882. She was only 21 years old. His Father, Willard E. Lane (who had his own drugstore) let his wife’s parents raise little Percy. They(the Andrews grandparents) had recently lost their last born of 8 kids, a little boy, as well. So Percy grew up on a farm in Webster, Maine helping with all the work that such a life entails. Once he was grown, he became a hired hand for his mother’s best friend and cousin, Emma Paine Chipman. The boss’ daughter, who was named after Percy’s mother, caught his eye and they took a liking to each other. They were married on Annie’s birthday on May 29, 1904.
Although he had previously worked as a conductor on the Trolley Line, Percy wanted a farm of his own to make a living for his new family. He bought the White Farm in Bowdoin, Maine with a very big mortgage. He and Annie had 2 daughters and 5 sons. Sadly, they lost Alberta when she was only 20 months old. Subsequently, they joined the LDS faith. They worked hard and many times went without, especially during the Great depression of the 1920’s. Percy taught his kids a great work ethic that his son, Edwin taught to my dad, Firsteen, who taught it to all 8 of us kids. Percy went through bankrupcy, but still managed to pay back all his debts 100% (although the law did not require it) by the time he was in his fifties. From this his descendants have learned to keep their debts to a minimum and be honest in all our financial dealings. From Percy we learn how dangerous it is to overextend ourselves and to discipline ourselves to live within a budget. My father passed this lesson on to us and thanks to Percy, many of his descendants today are free of the burden of excessive debt.
My tough New England grandparents understood the need to live frugally and to teach your kids to do the same. I am grateful for these lessons, as I believe that they are the reason that I was able to be a stay-at-home mom while my children were little. Thank you Percy for living an honorable, hard working life. For welcoming the gospel into your home and passing on to your children great moral lessons that have trickled down to the modern day. I am looking forward to meeting you someday.


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