May 6th is Rose Hannah Smith England’s 160th birthday

Rose Hannah was born to parents George A. Smith and Sarah Hughes in 1854.  The family joined the church in England and emigrated to America in 1869. Their steam ship sunk on the way back to England. They crossed the plains on the first passenger train to reach Salt Lake. The track was built in front of them as they came. At age 16 Rose married James England who was 19 years old. Both were very religious people. They eventually had 15 children, but back when he was the father of only two, James went to California to work in the gold mines. 


Here is a story from “Find a grave” that shows how heavenly warnings, when listened to, can spare one’s life. “While he (James) was there (Calif.) he was warned and at the same time Rose was warned. She was with her parents in Plain City, Utah at the time.  She was doing chores outside and saw a vision of James in his temple clothes standing nearby. Of course this scared her and she screamed “Jim”!  She ran to the house and told her parents and they said it was a warning. At that same time in California James heard her voice. He was the only one in the mine at the time and he said the voice was plain. He ran out of the mine to see if she was there just as it caved in. He got on the train and returned to Plain City. He said he thought something had happened to her. When he told them what he had experienced, they found out that it all had happened at the same time that Rose had seen a vision of him.”


This couple had a son also named James with Henry as a middle name born in 1875.  He married Harriet Eliz. Draper.  The sad story here is that Harriet died shortly after the birth of her first child- Harriet Larilda England (1896).  This is the ancestor who my husband descended from.  She is Maxine Holder Flaner’s mother.  People in Dixon know Maxine as the sister who always called friends and family on their birthday.  She passed away on Christmas day in 2012.  An interesting tidbit is that James Henry remarried and one of Harriet Larilda’s step siblings, Walter Henry England (1912), had a son who married my father’s sister Arnie Lane.  So even before I married Dennis, we had ancestors who had tied the family lines of Lanes to that of the Englands. It really is a small world. Whether your fate is to die at the age of 20, like Maxine’s grandma, or live to age 92 like Maxine did, there is a great deal of good to be done in one’s lifetime.  Sometimes that life is extended through divine intervention, or we are called home early.  Either way God knows what we need to accomplish while living, and He will give us sufficient opportunity to fulfill our destiny. What we need to do is recognize and respond to his guidance as he provides us daily with heavenly whispers, known to some as the Holy Ghost or the spirit of Christ. Listen to that still small voice and trust in His care


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